Dr Triplett's CE Primary School

“Love, Compassion, Respect”

Around the School

Our New Library March 2023

 Our displays around the school celebrate children's work and help us to learn.

We are all important and we all matter to God.

A focus for us this year is to improve the leadership of our children.

Enjoying and improving our reading and writing is always a priority at Dr. Triplett's. The books we read inspire our work.

We have thought about what British Values mean to us.

Reception have been looking at the artist Van Gogh and learning how to paint in a similar style.

The children practised drawing designs in his style first.

They then practised the techniques with paint before producing their own independent paintings.

Our topics enable us to explore learning across the curriculum: Y1 looked at Superheroes and Y6 studied China.

We celebrate our diversity and enjoy learning about different leaders.